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Annual Report to Parliament 2012 The Access to Information Act was proclaimed on July 1, 1983.

The Act gives all individuals and corporate entities in Canada a right of access to information contained in government records, subject to certain specific and limited exceptions.Section 72 of the Access to Information Act requires nike factory store locations that the head of every government institution prepare, for submission to Parliament, an annual report on the administration of the Act within the institution during each fiscal year.This report describes the administration of Status of Women Canada Access to Information program for the fiscal year 2012 2013.Part I: General InformationStatus of Women CanadaThe mandate of Status of Women Canada is to "coordinate federal policy with respect to nike bestellen the status of women and administer related programs." This was set out in Order in Council 1976 779 and the Appropriation Act 1976 77.The vision of Status of Women Canada (SWC) is a Canada where equality is achieved between women and men in all aspects of life.The mission of the Agency is to exercise leadership and work in partnership to advance equality and increase women participation; to provide expert advice on how to take gender equality into account in developing the best policies and programs for all Canadians; and to support action and innovation that will lead to equality in communities across Canada.The ATIP office reports to the Director General of Communications and Public Affairs. The office coordinates all activities related to the legislation within the Agency both at headquarters and in the regions.Access to Information ActivitiesThe Access to Information and Privacy is responsible for all aspects of program delivery, which include:processing requests under local nike outlet the Access to Information Act;acting as spokesperson for the Agency in dealings with the Treasury Board Secretariat, the Office of the Information Commissioner, and other government departments and agencies regarding the application of the Access to Information Act as it relates to the Agency;responding to consultation requests submitted by other federal institutions on Status of Women Canada documents ??????? ?????? ???? located in their files;preparing the annual report to Parliament and other statutory reports as well as other materials that may be required;reviewing and approving collections in accordance with the Government Policy on Information Collection;developing policies, procedures and guidelines for the orderly implementation of the Act;promoting awareness of the Access to Information Act to ensure agency responsiveness to the obligations imposed; andmonitoring agency compliance with the Access to Information Act. Resourcing of the office is reviewed on a regular basis.The agency allocation for the central coordination of the Access to Information Act amounted to $185,180.

00 ($163,383.00 were salary expenditures andReading RoomA reading room is available at headquarters, as needed. Should a reading room be needed elsewhere, SWC regional offices in certain regions across Canada are available upon request.

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